Interior Painting:

In terms of painting and the timing here in Colorado, obviously weather is a big factor for contractors and homeowners alike. For obvious reasons, weather does not impact interior painting the same way it does exterior projects. However, the seasonality of painting does have an impact on interior painting. For example, most painting companies are slower during the winter, there's less work to do. If you're looking to schedule a project during the summer that is peak season, and you're competing with peak season schedule. So, everyone is busy, schedules are not as open. This can affect the discounts, incentives that we're willing to give to be able to schedule your project. Therefore, if you have an interior project that you need to have done, and budgeting is more of a concern than timing, the best time to do it is during the off season winter months. If you time it right, you can get huge discounts that will not be available any other time of the year. If timing is your primary concern and scheduling is tight then schedule when its convenient for you! 

Exterior Painting:

Exterior painting is able to be done year round in Colorado as well. 

How cold is too cold?

All of the quality exterior paints we use, and recommend, have a "surface" temperature rating of 35 degrees or above. The surface temperature is different than the air temperature outside, because the inside of the home has an air temp much higher than the outside air temp. For the most part, if its chilly out, the surface temperature is warmer than the air temp. This can be difficult to constantly monitor and check so a good rule of thumb for painting outside in Colorado is is; 1.Low humidity, 2. Temperatures do not fall into the teens at night, and 3. The temperature will rise above 50 at some point during the day. So, if you have been in Colorado long enough you understand why we say you can potentially paint exteriors year round. If you schedule your exterior project during the winter be prepared to be flexible as the days are shorter, weather comes and goes, this can mean the crew needs to start an indoor project if available and come back when they can. Also, crews don't really work as hard when its real cold, can you blame them? 

Obviously, if you're scheduling your exterior during the warmer spring, summer and fall months of Colorado than this is not an issue. 

How hot is too hot?

In the summer we get plenty of hot dry weather, this can be an issue if its too hot. 95 degrees and above in direct sun for 1-2 hours is too hot for paint to properly adhere. This is not to say, black and white, if it ever gets above 95 degrees you shouldn't paint your house, if you hire a professional to do the job that understands this it will never be an issue. Generally, painting crews are able to work in the shade and on the cooler sides of the home starting in the direct sun in the morning prior to the heat of the day, following the shadows throughout day never really working in the direct sun in the hottest parts of the day. A few things to take into consideration; if you have a large house that does not have a lot of natural shade from trees or other surrounding homes you may consider painting in the spring or fall when its not so hot. As a homeowner, anything you are able or willing to do to help the crew stay cool is much appreciated and goes a long way. For example, letting them come into your house or garage where its cooler to take a lunch break.