To choose a paint for your paint project, weather its Interior or Exterior painting, always start with something that's quality, something that's going to last a long time. Some questions to consider to determine a paints quality are; How hard it's going to be? How well it's going to resist? Especially exterior weather, the different elements that we face, interior you know doors, baseboards those sort of things they can scuff easily and the kitchen you know with kids, different things like that. Is it washable? Will there be a drastic color change? If so, is the paint going to cover really well?  

From there, think about the vendor that you choose, and the support that you're going to get. Are you going to have a great customer service interaction? Are you going to see the same people each time you go into the store? Or will it be whoever is able to work in the paint department that day? Are they going to answer your questions? Are they going to give support if you have a warranty issue? Product issue? Or a color issue? These are important questions and they are the minimum criteria we use at Ace of Diamonds to select a paint. 

The company that we found that checks off all the boxes is Sherwin Williams. They have consistent high quality products and they provide a high level of customer service