Now that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining for longer, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning and caring for the exterior of your home. Properly caring for your siding can extend the life of your exterior paint and keep your home looking new.

In today’s post from Ace of Diamonds Painting, we’ll offer some of our best tips for caring for your home’s exterior. If you notice some chips or cracks in the paint while you’re cleaning, be sure to call the local painting contractors at Ace of Diamonds to get an estimate on an exterior paint job. We’ll walk you through the entire painting process from start to finish in order to guarantee that you’re satisfied with the completed project. Call today.


After a few long winter months, the siding on your home in can become dirty and grimy from the snow and sleet that it endured. The best way to clean up the outside of your house is with a pressure washer. It’s important to use extreme care and caution when using a pressure washer as you can easily cause damage to your home. However, if or when you know how to wield a pressure washer, this can be the easiest way to clean your siding.

If you already know that you want to have the exterior of your home repainted, the painting experts at Ace of Diamonds will handle the pressure washing for you! It is a key step in preparing your home for a new coat of paint. Call us today to schedule a consultation.


Cleaning your windows from the outside can help keep your home looking sparkling new throughout the summer. You can use that pressure washer for this task on the harder to reach windows, otherwise you can clean them just like you would from the inside on the ground level windows that are easy to reach.


Once the weather warms up and the grass starts coming back to life, it’s important to care for your landscape in order to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. Trimming the bushes and watering the lawn is a great place to start. In some cases, the colder weather will have caused irreparable damage to your greenery, in which case it may be time to lay new sod or replace some of your outdoor foliage.


Once you’ve cleaned up the yard and washed the siding and windows, it’s time to consider a new exterior paint job to get you through the rest of the year. The team at Ace of Diamonds Painting can make your home in Loveland look refreshed with a shiny, new coat of paint. We may be stuck at home for the time being, but it doesn’t mean that our team can’t get your exterior painting job done while you watch safely from inside! Call today to schedule an estimate with Ace of Diamonds Painting.