The most popular paint color of the year is provided annually by Sherwin-Williams. It has recently chosen Naval as the hue that is considered around the world to be the most popular. This decision was based on more than just paint trends. The company had the help of over 249 professional interior designers. The company and the interior designers worked together to determine this year's hottest interior paint color.

New Direction

The results from a survey of interior designers indicated the new direction where color preference is going. It is no longer important for a color to look good in a space, they now must provide a good feeling. Sherwin-Williams believes this is the reason the color gray is trending out. It may also be the reason moodier hues are becoming more popular. Many opinions are that rich colors cause people to feel warm and cozy. These colors can transform a home into a retreat. Something people often want to experience.

Neutral Category

The colors gray, white, and beige are in the neutral category. They are currently being joined by darker colors. Over 65 percent of designers responding to the survey agree that black can now be considered a neutral tone. More than 43 percent said the same thing about sage green and over 41 percent believed this about navy blue. The blush pink color is not considered dark, it was believed to be neutral by more than a third of interior designers. This indicated what colors are categorized as neutral and how they are being redefined as something more bold.

Generation Color Choice

Designers all agree that generation Z is growing up. This has led them to anticipate a growing desire for brighter paint colors. Over 25 percent of designers believe younger people prefer brighter colors. Vibrant orange and yellow hues are often their color choice. Older generations seem to prefer neutral colors. They prefer to have beige and white. Millennials have shown they like bolder colors such as purple or blue.

Comeback Of Beige

During the previous years, different shades of gray were the preferred color for walls worldwide. Many interior designers believe beige is soon going to make a major comeback. People are discovering that when a beige that is close to a blush color is used in the dining room, it provides a neutral appearance and looks modern as well as sophisticated.

A Place For Rendering Colors

The majority of designers responding to the survey said that people are more likely to try out a new color trend in their bathroom. Of all those surveyed, a third felt painting the smallest room in a person's house was the preferred option. Approximately 16 percent felt the living room would be a good place and 14 percent believed the bedroom was the place to try a new color. Only 10 percent felt the dining room would be a good place.

Some people feel that painting an entire room or even a smaller room in their house with a new color is too much for them. They will often choose to paint a single accent wall. It is possible for them to only paint half of the wall and then use paneling or tiling to cover the other half.