If you're new to DIY home improvements, painting can seem like a horribly time-consuming and daunting task. Even experienced DIY-ers often put off painting their walls because of the hassle it can be, but no one can deny how much of an impact a fresh coat of paint can have on a room, often changing the entire aesthetic of the area. Check out these common DIY painter's mistakes to get a head start on your home improvement adventure.

  1. Procrastination
  2. Everyone can be prone to procrastination, especially when the project seems like a lot to take on. We've already discussed how painting walls can be a drawn-out task, but once you've decided to do it, it's time to take the plunge! Choose a weekend, enlist the help of your husband, kids, or friends, and just get it done. It'll be well worth the work!

  3. Forgetting to Swatch
  4. The little cards with the color on them you get from your local hardware store don't usually accurately depict the color of the paint they're associated with - and even if they do, the unique lighting in each room of your home could change the tone of the paint, defining the difference between loving your new paint job, or hating it. To avoid this, paint a small section of the wall in the room you want to paint, and let it dry. Watch this section for a day or two, noticing it in different lighting, to ensure that it's the right color for your aesthetic.

  5. Insufficient Supplies
  6. Painting is a DIY activity where it pays to pay. Although a sufficient amount and quality of supplies may come with a sticker stock, you really get what you pay for when it comes to this project. Opting for the more expensive primer, paint and brushes is a decision you'll be pleased about later, especially with how much time and energy you'll invest into actually painting your walls. With the cheaper alternatives, you'll likely see the paint chipping off your walls within a couple of months, and you can't expect to get the same amount of coverage, color quality, and complexity from these color match options. 

  7. Insufficient masking 
    A lot of DIYers overlook masking and simply just through a drop sheet or old sheets down. The pro's know, that having to clean up silly mistakes kills a time budget. Take time to sufficiently mask! you will save yourself in the long run.
  8. Overapplying the Paint
  9. It can be tempting to slap on a thick coat of that paint after your primer has set, but unfortunately, you're more likely to end up with bubbles, runs, and a mess to clean up when you're done. Taking your time to methodically apply the paint, in a thin, even layer, will allow it to dry uniformly and overall give you a better result.

  10. Mismatched Paint

Although there are many aspects to consider when choosing your paint color, furniture is often overlooked during this crucial decision. Consider that your painted walls are likely to last you years, so make sure that it matches everything in the space around it - furniture, decor, countertops, etc.

Hopefully, this list was helpful in your endeavor. Best of luck!