After spending a great deal of time at home, many are seeking ways to revitalize tired living spaces. One of the easiest ways to refresh a space is to give it a new paint color. As the new year approaches, some of the biggest color trends from the past few years are already changing. Grays are giving way to earth tones, greens are becoming more popular and striking colors are poised to become 2021 painting trends.

For the past few years, gray and grey/beige mixtures have been the most popular choice for interior painting projects. That is changing. The desire to feel grounded in the home is causing a shift from neutral grays to warming earth tones. Warm neutrals are experiencing a surge in demand that are forecast to continue through 2021. These warm neutrals easily pair with other design elements, making this an easy way to rejuvenate a stale space that seems cold.

As nature-themed décor is forecast to gain traction in 2021, green is on the rise for painting projects. While jewel-tone greens are being chosen by more and more people for their home interiors, pastel greens are decreasing in popularity. With the exception of pastel green, many shades of green are forecast to become popular in 2021, perhaps inspired by the myriad of green shades showcased in nature.

Brighter, cheerier pinks are replacing the muted, dusky tones that have dominated the pink choices in the past few years. So far, bubblegum pink is the front runner. Bright pink’s unexpected pop offers a welcome contrast to the muted tones favored in other color categories. This eye-catching color offers a contrast to other design elements and adds visual interest in doing so.

2021 design is expected to center on surprising contrasts. There has been an increase in black and charcoal paint colors. Black emphasizes other colors and makes them seem even more vibrant. Charcoal offers the same effect, but in a toned-down capacity. Either way, the stark contrast between a dark color and a light color gives visual interest. This allows for some interesting décor changes as well, for homeowners trying to find ways to revitalize living spaces.

As 2020 draws to a close, 2021 is already shaking up well-established trends. The departure from gray to earth tones is the most shocking of these coups. As nature-inspired home décor gains popularity, green paint projects are also increasing. To emphasize a sudden burst of joy, homeowners are choosing brighter shades of pink and darker shades of black. All of these are expected to revitalize tired spaces.