With everything that’s happening in the world today, we know that you are spending a lot of extra time at home. It’s only normal that you may be starting a list of all of the home projects that you want to get done this year. That being said, it may be time to consider painting or repainting some of your interior walls. Whether you’re ready to switch out the color or you’re getting ready to sell, there are a lot of reasons and a lot of signs that it may be time to repaint.

In today’s post from Ace of Diamonds Painting, we’ll give you some signs to look for that tell you it may be time to do some updating in your home. From fading color to cracks or stains, there are a lot of signs that it’s time to repaint. When you’re ready to get started, call Ace of Diamonds to make your appointment.


One of the most telltale signs that it’s time to repaint the interior of your home is fading paint. As time passes, paint naturally fades. Maybe it’s being hit by sunlight through the windows or it’s just been a while since the room was painted. Whatever the case may be, repainting that room in your home can bring life back into the space. Add it to your list, and call Ace of Diamonds Painting when you’re ready to get on the schedule!


Cracked or flaking paint is a result of the surface not being properly prepped before its last paint job. It can also happen in cases of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Cracked paint is more likely to happen on the exterior of your home, however, it can happen inside as well. If, while spending so much time inside, you start to notice small cracks in your paint around the interior of your house, it may be time to schedule a paint job. The expert painting contractors from Ace of Diamonds will make sure that the surface is properly primed and prepped before painting so that cracking and flaking paint remains in the past.


The inside of your home is extremely susceptible to scuffs, scratches, and dents — a sign of a house well-lived. But when you’re thinking of repainting, this can be a great time to take care of these minor damages on your interior walls. Your home can look brand new again when these damages get repaired and the walls get repainted. Talk to one of the experts at Ace of Diamonds Painting to find out how we can help.


Are you thinking of selling? While this may not be a “sign” that it’s time to repaint, it is definitely a good time to do it. Repainting the interior of your home before putting it on the market is a great way to increase its interior appeal. Maybe you love the deep purple walls in your living room, but there is a good chance that a buyer won’t be able to see past it. Let Ace of Diamonds take care of covering that purple so that you get top dollar for your home.


Don’t let sitting inside all day take its toll on your motivation and determination to get things done. It’s a great time to make that list of rooms that you want to repaint! When we make it through this global pandemic as a community, Ace of Diamonds Painting will be here for you and ready to repaint the interior of your home. Call us today to get on our schedule, it’s never too early!