Have you been wondering if it’s time to repaint the interior of your home? There can be many signs pointing you in that direction. Ace of Diamonds Painting specializes in interior painting all along Northern Colorado’s Front Range, and their qualified experts can help you determine if your home is ready for a painting upgrade! 

When you choose Ace of Diamonds Painting for your interior painting needs, you can trust that their friendly staff will guide you through the process from start to finish. Maybe your walls are damaged, or your current paint job is beginning to chip. Whatever the case may be, owner and operator Dustin Hunter and his team will ensure that your needs are met when it comes to painting the interior of your home. 

Not only will the team at Ace of Diamonds Painting be sure to cover your floors and furniture, ensuring their protection, they take many steps to ensure the highest quality paint job before paint is even applied to the walls. They spend ample amounts of time masking and tape-caulking the area to be painted, and once the paint job is complete, they review it with every customer to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

You can’t go wrong when choosing Ace of Diamonds Painting for all of the interior painting needs that you have in your home. Hiring their team means you can expect quality work and the best customer service in Longmont and the surrounding Front Range areas.

Customers choose Ace of Diamonds Painting because they value quality materials, superior workmanship, attention to detail, professionalism, and the years of experience and expertise. Our team takes pride in being able to deliver results in a timely manner.

Our Interior Painting Process

The system that Ace of Diamonds Painting uses has been developed over years of practice in order to give our customers an outstanding experience. We want to ensure maximum value and protection of your interior painting project for years to come on every job. All of our experienced painting technicians are skilled in an extensive range of services:

  • Masking
  • Repair work
  • Cutting
  • Tape caulking

All interior painting work is delivered with precision and care to meet Ace of Diamond’s highest standards. The following are steps that we take with each new customer to ensure the best interior painting job possible.

Initial Consult and Estimate

One of the most important factors in a quality interior paint job is having everyone on the same page. We cover all the details of your interior painting project, learn the scope of your project, and customize a quote.

Pre-Project Process

When you agree to hire Ace of Diamonds Painting for your interior painting project, you are agreeing to let us make your home sparkle again! Our staff works with you to come up with a convenient schedule so that there can be a smooth start to the project.

Pre-Project Review

Ace of Diamonds Painting will go over the interior painting project with you again prior to the start of the project in order to confirm colors and details of the job.


The preparation of your home is the key to a successful interior painting result. In fact, prep work makes up about 90% of a quality interior painting job.


We mask the entire floor-space of the rooms that are being painted, and cover any furniture that is left in the rooms. Our goal is to keep your floors and furniture in the same state before and after the interior painting project is finished.


Professional taping leads to beautiful straight lines. Tape caulking requires skill and patience, something at which our experienced painters excel.


A finished interior painting job has full, even coverage, and clean lines. Ace of Diamonds Painting uses the highest quality, top-rated paints in the industry.


At the end of your interior painting project, we will review the finished product with you in order to confirm your complete satisfaction of the job.

To schedule the initial consultation for your next interior painting project, contact us today!

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