Ace of Diamonds Painting is a locally owned and operated business. In fact, the owner of the company was born and raised in Longmont Colorado and attended the University of Colorado. Located in Longmont we proudly serve the Northern Front Range of Colorado.

At AODP we are dedicated to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, our goal is to raise the bar for paint contractors everywhere and to leave every job with a happy customer that would recommend us to all their friends. We have all the knowledge and experience to make your house painting project an enjoyable experience and to give you the best quality paint job available hands down.

Ace of Diamonds Painting can bring the interior or exterior of your home to life. Excellent Value and Professional Craftsmanship delivered in a reasonable time – that’s our commitment and what we’re known for.

The Owner

Dustin Hunter, the owner of Ace of Diamonds Painting, is a proud resident of Longmont, Colorado. He graduated Skyline High School in 2002 and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he sought a degree in communication. During the summers Dustin painted and worked for a national internship where he worked super hard and eventually worked his way up the internship ranks, ultimately becoming the General Manager in the company responsible for 150 employees. In 2008 he and his wife Elizabeth were blessed with a son. Soon Dustin was compelled to move on from the internship and make his own name in order to support his new and growing family which now includes his son and two beautiful daughters

Dustin started Ace of Diamonds Painting in 2009. With very little to his name, he hit the streets and began to knock on doors and hand out flyers to spread the word, laying the foundation for his company to become something great. He stayed committed to his vision of being a well-respected company and built a great reputation by showing up on time, fulfilling the promises he made, and giving people high quality long lasting paint jobs. All the while, learning what it takes to be a successful small business. Dustin is still very committed to this vision and continues to work hard at conscientiously improving the business for not only his customers, but the employees of AODP as well.

He will still occasionally knock on doors and spread the word because he is dedicated to the growth and success of his business and believes in the value Ace of Diamonds Painting offers.